Palmetto in india



Production of fabric starts with the extrusion process where polypropylene and calcium carbonate resins are fed into the extruder, melting the resins and producing a polypropylene sheet. This sheeting is then cut into tapes, heated and stretched over a process of rollers


The tapes can vary in both thickness and width according to the fabric and customer requirements. Polypropylene tapes are wound onto bobbins and become the basis for the weaving process. Once the tapes are produced they are wound onto a large beaming roll which is used to feed the tapes to the weaving machines where the tapes are woven into the polypropylene fabric.

Coating/Printing (Optional)

After the polypropylene fabric is woven we can laminate the fabric if needed which provides protection from moisture, contaminations and sifting. At this time, we are also able to print specific logos if the customer chooses to do so.


The woven fabric rolls are then fed into automatic cutting machines and cut into pieces of required sizes for the various pieces of bags.


The cut pieces are then sewn together in our food grade clean room by our team of highly skilled laborers to complete the bag.


All products manufactured by Palmetto Industries are thoroughly tested the guarantee that all bags we produce meet the safety requirements in terms of handling, electro-static properties, and FDA regulations.