Quality Is Key

Palmetto operates a state-of-the-art technology center in Chennai, India. The center is staffed by veteran textile, polymer, chemical and mechanical engineers experienced in all stages of FIBC production. They work under the direction of a Ph.D.-level polymer engineer.

The center’s staff:

  • Evaluates your current bags to see if they meet specifications
  • Provides a detailed analysis on all deviations and how they affect you and your customers
  • Offers suggestions to optimize your specifications and minimize costs
  • Creates a project folder of all new specifications to include CAD drawings in both metric and U.S. measurements

All testing is performed in a fully equipped laboratory that meets or exceeds the requirements for DOT-approved testing laboratories in the United States. Testing parameters include:

  • Denier
  • Fabric weight (GSM)
  • Weight of yarn (GPD)
  • Tensile strength of yarn and fabric
  • Drop, jerk and other stress tests.
  • UV Degradation