fibc bags

Four Types of FIBC Bags

fibc bags


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are hefty-sized bags made out of intertwined polypropylene fabric. Manufacturers use these incredibly flexible and sturdy bags across the world for storing and transporting various goods. 

Also known as polypropylene (PP) bags, these FIBC bags can be used for dry and powdered food items (such as salt, flours, sugar), pharmaceutical items, chemicals, sand, cement, and pretty much everything you can think of. 

One large FIBC bag can easily hold up to 4,000 pounds of material, but you can also choose from smaller sized bags depending on your needs.


Different Types of FIBC Bags 

So why are there different varieties of FIBCs? It comes down to static electricity

Manufacturers are always concerned about controlling the static energy which is imbalanced electric charges within certain materials. When FIBCs are rapidly discharged with fine powders or are filled up to their full capacity, static electricity can build up automatically. 

It is critical to remove or prevent these electrical charges, especially if you are packaging any type of flammable/combustible goods. Your products are bound to rub against the polypropylene fabric of the bags during moving, filling, and emptying. So, taking care of static electricity is an unavoidable step, which can lead to devastating consequences if ignored. 

This is where the many varieties of FIBC bags can come to your aid. Each type offers a different kind of protection, so choose the right one for your industrial needs.


Type A FIBC Bags 

These bags are created with non-conductive fabrics, including plain-woven polypropylene. Type A bags offer no protection against static electricity, so use them for packing non-flammable products only. There must be gases or flammable solvents present around these bags.


Type B FIBC Bags 

Type B bags are made using the same materials as used for Type A bags, and these also provide zero protection against static energy. However, Type B FIBCs use compounds with a low-breakdown voltage in order to prevent setting off brush discharges. 

You can use these bags to move non-flammable powdered products, but make sure no gases or flammable solvents are present nearby.


Type C FIBC Bags

Also known as ground-able FIBCs, these bulk bags are made from non-conductive polypropylene that’s been interlaced with conducting filaments woven into it. These bags are perfect for packing and moving flammable powdered goods.

If there is combustible dust, gases, or flammable vapors present in the vicinity, it is safe to use Type C bags. However, do not use them if there is no ground connection.


Type D FIBC Bags 

These bags are made from static and anti-static dissipative fabrics to prevent the occurrence of brush discharges or incendiary sparks. No ground connection is necessary when packaging or moving flammable powders in these bags. 

But keep in mind that if the bag surface is covered/contaminated with grease or water, Type D bags should not be used.


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