Palmetto in india


What good are the best manufacturing facilities if your products can’t reach your customers on time? At Palmetto Industries, we address this problem by making our supply chain our top priority. Our commitment to ensuring our supply chain allows customers to get the FIBC bags they need on time is unequaled in the FIBC industry.

With over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space spread across the globe, Palmetto effectively closes the loop in managing its supply chain right from storing inventory down to the reduction of lead times in facilitating distribution. Proprietary agreements with land, sea and air freight companies have enabled Palmetto to guarantee deliveries with a high degree of consistency, time after time.

Palmetto has multiple manufacturing plants located across the globe, including plants in India, China, and Mexico. Not only are we the largest importer from India, but our experience is also both broader and deeper than all of our competitors put together. We’ve been importing and distributing FIBCs around the world since 1994.

Palmetto Industries manufactures and distributes all of our FIBC bulk bags in-house, meaning businesses don’t need to worry about intermediaries slowing down the process of procurement. Our SCM is well and truly propped by its TPM (Total Packaging Management). The TPM agenda of Palmetto features product supply, apart from all aspects of procurement and distribution such as ordering, tracking, unloading, receiving, inventory management and in-situ inspection and evaluation.