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Six Containers You Can Replace With FIBC Bags

fibc bags


Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers or FIBCs are commonly referred to as bulk bags due to their ability to carry products in bulk. The majority of industries across the globe now use FIBC bags to hold and store different varieties of materials, such as powdered chemicals, food items, seeds, cement, and more. 

If you are also thinking of ditching the outdated, rigid containers and switching to FIBC bulk bags, you will want to know whether FIBCs can meet your needs. If you are using any of the following container types, you can easily make the transition to FIBCs.


Hand-Carry Tote Containers

Just because your workers are used to moving hand-carry containers, doesn’t mean they should be doing it! If you need to transport a lot of small objects, hand-carry totes might seem like a good idea but FIBCs can do it way faster. In addition to being easy to move and unload, FIBCs can also be quickly switched and emptied by the workers.


Paper Containers 

If you need to transport moist, liquid, or wet, solid products, a paper container will never get the job done efficiently. Regardless of how many fillers or liners you use, paper containers will eventually get soaked and damage your product. 

FIBCs can only do the job but they can do it better. For starters, bulk bags are more flexible than paper containers so you won’t have any storage issues. And FIBCs are sturdy enough to transport delicate pharmaceutical-grade products safely, so it is safe to assume they can effectively replace paper containers. 


Funnels or Hoppers 

Did you know that FIBCs can be designed with spouts that can be controlled with mechanized valves? Say goodbye to plastic/metal hoppers or funnels that unnecessarily stretch out your storage and transportation process. 

With the help of spouted FIBCs, you can hold and carry materials in the same container used by filling. These tailor-made FIBC bulk bags eliminate the need to turn or tip over materials and give you a much safer and efficient option.


Shipping Containers 

Are you tired of the dust buildup from your materials that you frequently need to clean up? FIBC liners can make sure your powdered materials don’t go to waste and stay inside the bags at all times. These customized liners can be added to bags, boxes, containers, or any other surface you want. Call a Palmetto Industries consultant to know more about FIBC liners.


Liquid Containers 

If you need to store liquids, FIBC bags or PP woven bags designed with a liner can help you achieve that goal as well. A flat-bottom FIBC bag can meet your purposes, thanks to customized loops that let you rig bars, cages, supports, or other mounts to hold the bag open as an improvised vat. 


Liquid Loaders

Consider using FIBCs with liners to store, transport, or drain liquids easily. 


Palmetto Industries Can Help You With Your Packaging and Transporting Needs

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