crohmiq fibc bag

The Benefits of CROHMIQ Fabric FIBCs

crohmiq fibc bag
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CROHMIQ FIBC bags are considered the best in providing protection against static electricity. CROHMIQ is the only brand in the world with this type of packaging technology right now and their safety record is virtually unmatched.

The majority of manufacturers that deal with dangerous, flammable goods, and environment trust CROHMIQ’s Type D FIBC technology for safe operations. 


Why Choose CROHMIQ?

Workplace safety is often the number one concern for many manufacturers and companies that deal with hazardous materials. When you are using FIBC bulk bags to transport something as seemingly harmless as rice flour, there is room for static-energy build up. 

When friction occurs in any way, the polypropylene (PP) fabric in the bags can produce static electricity and result in disastrous results (like explosions). This energy discharge is not only dangerous for workers who are handling the FIBCs, but for anyone who is in the vicinity. Failure to control the release of static can result in severe injuries or even death of those around the bags. 

When you are storing or moving combustible/volatile materials in jumbo bags, it is critical to use static-controlling bags, which prevent the formation of static electricity. Otherwise, the materials inside the bags can combust and lead to devastating consequences. 

This is where CROHMIQ fabric comes in. It took the world’s leading laboratories over 15 years of thorough trial-and-error to develop CROHMIQ’s uniquely efficient technology. It prevents static from building up and setting an explosion. Also, you don’t need to ground the CROHMIQ Type D bags before you can fill them. Since this completely removes the risk of human error, you get the maximum safety possible. 

The anti-static properties of CROHMIQ PP bags are permanent, which means the bag’s performance will not deteriorate with time. Even if your CROHMIQ bags are regularly exposed to inclement weather or wet conditioning processes, their quality will not be affected one bit. 

More than 50 billion pounds of goods have been packaged safely thanks to CROHMIQ PP bags. 


Other Benefits 

There are several other benefits of using CROHMIQ antistatic bags:

  • It is the only dissipative FIBC fabric technology that doesn’t need grounding.
  • It provides superior safety compared to Type C and Type B FIBC bags.
  • It complies with several national and international standards of safety, such as the National Fire Protection Association Standard, International Electrotechnical Commission Standard, and more.
  • It offers higher hygienic storage and transportation for foods and pharmaceuticals due to being approved by the FDA (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act).
  • It undergoes regular testing by TEXENE in Summerville, SC, to ensure the best safety performance. This means CHROHMIQ has been declared safe to use in highly explosive or flammable environments. 


Work With Palmetto Directly

CROHMIQ is a woven PP fabric that is specifically designed to work safely in the presence of flammable gases, dust, and materials. Since it effectively dissipates charges into the atmosphere by a process known as corona treatment, there is no risk for the workers handling the packaging and shipping of the FIBCs.

Don’t waste your time dealing with middlemen. At Palmetto Industries we manufacture and distribute FIBC’s directly, saving you time – and money. If you have any questions, call us today at 706-737-7999 or contact us online.