customize your fibc bulk bags

Three Ways to Customize Your FIBC Bulk Bags

customize your fibc bulk bags


Palmetto Industries Palm Paks

Branding is important, and having a high-quality design for graphics and lettering can make a huge impact on your company’s reach.

Whether you’re selling feed, seed, and fertilizer, or delivering high-quality pharmaceutical materials to vendors with a lot of choices, Palmetto Industries can help you make a great first impression. By using Palm Paks, you can take charge of your branding while using safe, stable, high-volume packaging and deep FIBC appearance options.

Palm Paks use a rotogravure printing process that engraves an image onto an image carrier to transfer high-quality imagery. Top magazines that need to depend on the deep quality and stunning visuals rely on this method to get the fine details of complex machinery.

You can use rotogravure on industrial bulk bags to ensure a great imprint. Turn our FIBCs into your product advertisements with ease! Your graphics can be printed on a back seam with anti-skid treatment, so you don’t have to worry about pasty ink or heat-transferred acrylic turning your bags into slippery, sliding hazards.


Fill And Discharge Bag Options

If you’re dispensing materials into a specific container, do you need a certain hose shape? Is it connected to a box connector, a vent, or a spout? There are multiple, standard designs that can fit multiple industries, and you can even commission your own design.

FIBCs can be designed to handle various filling and discharge needs. When you contact a design professional at Palmetto Industries, you can describe the type of system you’re using or send pictures to the connections and loading areas that need FIBC loading and unloading.


Protection, Safety, and Hygiene Options

Along with filling and discharge options, businesses need different ways to safely load, unload, and store FIBCs.

In the standard setup, FIBCs can be managed with hooks, rods, or transferred via truck beds. There are different overhead loops, stable bottoms, and other bag management options that can be sewn into the FIBC during the design process. All you need to do is discuss your needs with a consultant.

Proper FIBC-handling can give you a safe, secure, high-volume, and reusable storage solution. To stay safe, be sure to follow the safety guidelines for your bags. The safety standards cover not only government guidelines for safety, but tested and documented standards and certifications.

FIBCs are designed to be handled safely in multiple ways and will outperform other container types as long as they’re used properly. Custom bags can be designed to make safe handling easier for your existing equipment, and FIBC professionals can help you figure out the right bag-handling equipment if your facility is starting from scratch.

Bulk bag manufacturers can deliver liners to keep your materials safe from the elements, cross-contamination, and moisture. Every industrial bulk bag can be sized to fit a specific need, and liners can be tailored to secure that custom fit.


Need to Fit Your Unique Needs? Call Palmetto Industries

Every business needs a different approach, and Palmetto Industries is ready to help. Contact us today at 706-737-7999 and speak directly with one of our expert FIBC team members.