crohmiq technology

How Using Crohmiq Technology Makes Shipping Safer

crohmiq technology


Crohmiq is a proprietary anti-static fabric used to produce Type D FIBCs and designed explicitly to prevent electrostatic build-ups in and surges through the fibers of the fabric when filled, being filled, or being discharged. This ensures both the protection of all components and granules transported and the safety of the employees that are handling and shipping the bags.

Throughout production, handling, and transportation, as materials contact, rub together, then separate, granulated bulk has the potential to generate a static field with a voltage pulse of several thousand volts or more. Transference of this electricity can occur between integrated circuits (IC), human touch, or between the products themselves and the bags they are stored in. 

The resulting incorporation of Crohmiq fabrics into the large-scale transportation of consumer material is seen via a notable reduction in product loss, component damage, and hazardous work-place incidents overall. Here’s how.

Mitigating Risk in Storage Locations

The electrostatic discharges that cause sparks occur when any large or grounded conductor, including people or other filled FIBCs, approach an electrostatically charged FIBC. Often times, non-hazardous granulated products and bulk are stored within the vicinity of hazardous materials. The potential of tribocharging severely heightens the risk of ignition of an explosive or flammable atmosphere. Crohmiq fabric contains no metals. The yarn used for fabrication is made from polypropylene and combined with a small amount of carbon, effectively moderating the potential for a static build-up.

Ensuring Safety of Employees

Shocking occurs when a charge on an FIBC attempts to jump from ground to person. The shock itself is unlikely to be severe, but can cause distraction and agitation. In a busy industrial environment, that certainly has the potential to result in serious accidents. Anti-static FIBCs safeguard against this kind of shocking and can help keep safety a number one priority in any shipping or storing situation.

Preventing Product Loss

The potential of electrostatic discharge in a storage location bodes poorly for the integrity and safety of many products. Dirt and other pollutants are drawn to charged surfaces, which may only look bad if seen on the outside of an FIBC, but has severe implications when food and pharmaceuticals are inside. Electrostatic attraction can also make it difficult to completely empty FIBCs of fine powders, which tend to adhere to the inside surfaces. The residue of high-value products left inside FIBCs can equate to a significant financial cost. Fires ignited from discharged sparking can cause even greater fiscal concerns. Crohmiq’s bulk bag fabric will prevent static by providing a path of discharge through the material and eliminating the possibility of discharge from the bag.

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