Palmetto recognizes environmental conservation as a pertinent factor in our daily lives now and in the future. To achieve the goal of a peaceful and environmentally harmonious world for our generation and those to come, we reuse, recycle and rebuy.

Reusing serves as a key component to environmentally beneficial landscaping. Reuse of products prolongs the useful life of these materials, thus delaying final disposal or recycling. Many items can be reused effectively without adding much time or energy. Our factory in India utilizes renewable energy resources such as wind and solar, which augments our monthly energy consumption. In addition, we incorporate a rainwater harvesting system to supplement our landscaping needs.

Recycling is the segregation, collection, storage, and removal of recyclable or compostable materials from the municipal solid waste stream. We recycle all our products 100 percent by allowing all bags from our customers, whether clean, dirty, damaged, and etc. to be recovered and processed on a convenient and consistent frequency.

Rebuying involves re-thinking purchasing habits. We look for products that meet our needs but have a better environmental profile than our previous product purchases. Our factory in India utilizes only materials that are native to the region and country whenever possible.