Now, what good does it amount to if one has the best of manufacturing facilities but isn’t able to reach one’s products on time to the customer? Palmetto rightly addresses this question by assigning top priority to its supply chain, the likes of which has few equals in the industry.

With over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space spread across the globe, Palmetto effectively closes the loop in managing its supply chain right from storing inventory down to reduction of lead times and in facilitating distribution. Proprietary agreements with land, sea and air freight companies have enabled Palmetto to guarantee deliveries with a high degree of consistency, time after time.

The company’s SCM is well & truly propped by its TPM (Total Packaging Management). The TPM agenda of Palmetto features product supply, apart from all aspects of procurement and distribution such as ordering, tracking, unloading, receiving, inventory management and in-situ inspection/evaluation.