Palmetto has incorporated a web based inventory management program that allows customers to have immediate access to their orders status as well as inventory levels. Information is real time and continuously updated.

Palmetto Industries has over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space available globally to store inventory, reduce lead times and facilitate distribution. We incorporate exclusive agreements with land and ocean freight companies to guarantee competitive and consistent deliveries. We have an excellent relationship with customs officials globally that assures facilitated container processing. Once processed by customs, containers will be routed to any of our warehouses. Many bags are warehoused until required releases.

Currently and at any given point in time, we have over 200,000 bags in the US. We maintain about 8-10% of the annual usage for most of our customers in our warehouses. The inventory bags are palletized and maintained in a clean environment. We also maintain over 50,000 bags at some of our customer’s sites on consignment. Most of our customers also maintain at least one month’s inventory.