Our Factory

  • Our state-of-the-art facility uniquely positions Palmetto as the only company with a global headquarters in the US to own a vertically integrated FIBC manufacturing facility overseas
  • BRC certification
  • ISO 22000:2008: Food Safety Management System for direct food contact packaging material
  • ISO 9001:2000: Quality Management System
  • HACCP certification
  • UN certification

  • Entire plant of nearly 120,000 sq. ft. constructed area operates under Clean Room Operating Conditions.
  • Designated single entrance to the plant with controlled health and hygiene check.
  • Double door system ensures air locking to maintain positive air pressure so when one door is opened the other one remains closed.
  • Individual lockers for employees and visitors to keep their personal belongings and loose items.
  • Entry of all workers is mandatory through a disinfectant feet-wash passage.
  • Non-contact hand wash system with electronic sensors.
  • Mandatory use of factory footwear, and hair-nets / hair-caps. For entire workforce, no jewelry items are permitted inside the plant.
  • Canteen and eating areas are separate from the manufacturing section. Food and water are not allowed inside the manufacturing area.
  • Prohibition of the use of tobacco and related products within the entire factory premises.
  • Walls are clad with tiles, ceiling is covered with E Board, light fitting is shatterproof, all windows sealed, all glass used in the production facility are toughened.
  • Coving is utilized in finishing section.
  • Pavement in factory area is done up with compact tiles to prevent dust in air.
  • Walking only through designated walkways.
  • Restricted entry in the Liner and Finishing Sections.
  • Use of Disposable gloves for workmen making Liners.

Our employees in India are provided on campus housing and physician, continuous education on practices of public health, work safety and personal cleanliness and, 100% tuition coverage for the entire schooling of our employees’ children and/or spouses. Palmetto also recognizes the importance of cultural integration and its impact on our operations; thus, our employees in India practice Yoga daily.

Furthermore, Palmetto has increased our presence in the nearby towns where most of our employees were raised. Palmetto will continue to offer free lessons on awareness in areas related to health, safety, and education.

Our People

Palmetto Industries has an excellent team of trained and dedicated people to serve the needs of both large and small companies. From account managers that are trained specialists, to top-notch researchers in polymer science, we offer a comprehensive and in-depth talent and experience pool.