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fibc manufacturers



Palmetto Industries Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) – commonly known as bulk bags – are tailor-made to suit your specifications. We are the premier FIBC manufacturers that provide custom services across the globe and across multiple industries.

Our FIBCs are highly customizable and can be created to accommodate your specific handling, transportation and storage needs.


What Are the Benefits of Using FIBC’s / Bulk Bags?

  • Available in multiple fill and discharge options.
  • Available with tube or form-fit custom liners made with linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Liners are also available with foil laminates.
  • Available in multiple lifting, hauling, and harness options.
  • Available with coated or uncoated finishing, including BOPP film.
  • Available in UN Specifications for levels 1-3. FIBCs are certified in independent labs in the country of their origin and carry UN certification labels.
  • Groundable (Type C).
  • Static dissipative (Type D) utilizing Crohmiq ® Fabric.


How Do FIBCs Compare To Other Containers?

Knowing how to augment or replace your current containers can help you fit FIBCs into your modernization plans.

Here are a few container types that can be swapped or augmented with FIBCs:

  • Paper bags
  • Paper boxes
  • Plastic hand-carry totes
  • Metal shipping containers
  • Metal and plastic hoppers
  • Plastic bags/vessels for draining liquids
  • Metal or plastic liquid containers
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Replacing Paper Containers

If you need to carry wet solids, liquids, slurries, or other moist products, paper simply isn’t a good option.

While some reinforced paper products can be filled or sprayed with a liner, the paper will eventually get soaked and deteriorate. Cheap paper bags can’t stand up to FIBCs when you consider the FIBC reuse and recycling potential.

FIBCs perform the same job as paper containers, but are more flexible. This means not having to align your storage into square shapes and wasting space because of bulky corners for odd-shaped products.


Replacing Plastic Carrying Containers

Hand-carry containers are easy to grip, but should your team be carrying them by hand at all?

While hand-carry totes are a great idea when a lot of small objects need to be carried quickly, any moderately heavy process is faster with an FIBC. Keep a few totes on hand for versatility, but consider using FIBC bags and carts to quickly load, cinch, and push materials.

Even better, using an FIBC or liner inside of bags allow easy transportation and quick switching for workers who want to carry.


Enhancing Shipping Containers

If your materials produce a lot of dust, are difficult to clean up, or simply can’t be wasted on the walls of a shipping container, use FIBC liners.

Liners can be added to containers, boxes, bags, or any surface if you share the dimensions or discuss the project plans with a Palmetto Industries consultant.


Replacing or Enhancing Hoppers

Instead of using metal or plastic funnels or hoppers, custom FIBCs can be designed with spouts that can stop and go with a cinch or control valve.

This allows your process to store and transport materials in the same container used by filling. No need to tip or turn over; custom filling ports are a safer way to deposit what you need.


Replacing or Enhancing Liquid Loaders

Just as solids can be deposited easily, FIBCs with liners can be filled with liquids for storage, transportation, drainage, and even mixed with approved, non-destructive tools.

Not sure if your process is too destructive for liners? Talk with a Palmetto Industries professional to figure out a solution or clever workaround.


Replacing or Enhancing Liquid Containers

If your industrial process simply needs to store liquids, an FIBC and a liner are all you need.

FIBCs can be designed in multiple shapes and configurations. A flat-bottom FIBC can make standing liquid containers easier, and custom loops can help you rig cages, bars, support, or other mounts to hold the FIBCs open as a makeshift vat.

Our worldwide network of distribution centers means you don’t have to worry about whether your FBIC’s will arrive on time. Contact us today to see for yourself what customers around the world have known for over 25 years – Palmetto is the go-to name in packaging. Call us today at 706-737-7999.