Woven Polypropylene Roll Fabric Benefits

  • Moderately resistant to stretching and shrinking with photographic detail
  • Mildew resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Pest resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Lightweight
  • High Strength
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Palmetto Industries offers polypropylene fabric rolls which is ideal for many purposes.  Some of the main uses for PP woven fabric rolls are: Bale wrap, pallet sheets, pallet lining, and various reinforcements. We can tailor make fabric according to your usage and specific needs. Some of the key points to look for when evaluating Woven Polypropylene fabric are Denier and GSM. Denier is a good measure of strength and durability of a material. It is a unit of measurement describing the linear mass density of the material, calculated by the mass in grams of a single 9,000 meter strand. For example, a 600 denier fabric will be stronger than a 400 denier fabric. GSM stands for grams per square meter. Like denier, this is a measure of density, but this refers to the weight in square meters. GSM roughly correlates with strength in that a material with a higher GSM is generally stronger and more resistant to abrasions, tears, and damage.

Check out our guide on What is Polypropylene Fabric for more information.

Why Choose Palmetto Industries As Your PP Woven Fabric Manufacturer?

We are a vertical PP Woven Fabric Manufacturer. Our fabric does not absorb water and is resistant to stretching and shrinking. It is also mildew resistant and lightweight. Superior quality and industry best lead times are what make us the easy choice for your PP Woven Fabric needs.

Woven polypropylene fabric suppliers that cater to YOUR needs!

We have been industry trusted woven polypropylene fabric suppliers for over 25 years and can provide tailor made woven polypropylene rolls according to your usage needs.

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