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Material Crohmiq Static Protective PP Fabric
Construction U-Panel, Circular, 4 Panel, or Baffle
Safety Factor Up To 8:01
Safe Working Load Up To 5,000lbs.
Liner Up to 7 Layer Coextruded Barrier Film
Product Length 12″ – 96″+
Product Width 12″ – 96″+
Product Height 12″ – 96″+
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About Our Anti Static Bulk Bags

Palmetto Industries is a selective manufacturing licensee of Crohmiq® fabric for Type D Crohmiq Bulk Bags. Crohmiq® bags are constructed from static dissipative materials to control fire-starting of discharges, without the bags being manually grounded, thus eliminating the risk of human error. The Crohmiq® static protective FIBC fabric safely dissipates charges into the atmosphere by a process called corona, providing safety to the employees working in proximity to the bags. Click here to view all of the various construction types. Click here to view types of FIBC bags.

Uses For Our Type D Crohmiq Bulk Bags

When dealing with highly combustible products, safety is of the highest importance.  That is where Type D bags come in.  The antistatic and static dissipative properties of the bags allow them to safely transport hazardous materials in a safe manner.  Below are some uses for Type D Bags:

Safely Transport Flammable Powders

  • Different powders, from food products to chemicals, such as sugar, starch, copper sulfate and zinc oxide, are all highly flammable.  Type D bags are required for transporting these types of products to safely dissipate the electrostatic charges that can occur, without being grounded.

When Flammable Gases, Vapors, or Combustable Dusts are Present

  • Many warehouses where bulk bags are filled are in combustible and flammable environments with gases and vapors present in the air.  Type D Bulk Bags allow for the safe packaging and handling of materials in these environments.

Need Help on our Type D Crohmiq Bulk Bags?

Palmetto Industries is your go to source for an anti static bulk bag manufacturer. We have been in business for over 25 years and are highly trained and specialized when it comes to all of your Type D bag needs.  Contact us today for more information.

Alternatives to our Anti Static Jumbo Bags

Use the chart to help identify which type of anti static jumbo bag is appropriate for your end use, depending on the sensitivity to ignition of the product and the surrounding atmosphere.

Additional Information

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