bulk bag manufacturers
bulk bag manufacturers


Our hygienic bulk bags are specially designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Because our company is 100% vertically owned and operated, all of the processes involved in the production of our hygienic bulk bags are under our control and supervision. We can, therefore, ensure that our processes and facilities conform to the strict standards of the FDA.

food grade bulk bags

Below is some of how we at Palmetto Industries document and verify safe clean-room practices:

  • ISO Certifications- ISO 9001: 2000 – quality management systems
  • ISO 22000:2008 – food safety management system for direct food contact packaging material
  • ISO 14644 – 1 class-7 complaint Liner areas using 0.3 micron HEPA Filters
  • ISO 14644 – 1 class – 8 compliant entire operation other than liner section
  • Hygienic – Clean Room Quality Management System
  • HACCP – A formal hazard and risk management system has been adopted ensuring that all hazards to product safety and integrity are identified, evaluated and controlled. Our Food Grade bulk bags are constructed in our factory that has been designed and built with HACCP in mind. Appropriate controls are in place to ensure suitability of packaging for food contact applications.
  • Quality Assurance – Quality System Procedure for Product Identification, Test Status, and Traceability
  • Positive Air Pressure – 5 micron filtered air for the entire plant
  • Heppa Filter – 3 microns
  • Metal Detection – 100% of food grade bags pass through metal detection
  • Ultra Sonic Cutting Technology – All edges are cut utilizing ultra sonic cutting technology producing a clean edge with no fraying, eliminating product contamination.
  • Double Action Blower/Vacuum – 100% cleaning for all bags.
  • Traceability System – A well established traceability system is in place to identify any quality deviation.
  • QC Management & GMP Policies – Glass Policy, Needle Control Policy, Blade Policy, Oil Spillage Policy, Jewelry Policy, Personal Belongings Policy, & Clean As You Go Policy, & Food/Eating Policies are all strictly monitored.
  • Personal Hygiene – All personnel adhere to strict Personal Hygiene policies, including designated changing rooms, hand and feet wash systems, appropriate aprons, smocks, headwear, hair nets, surgical masks and footwear.
  • Pest Control – A formalized preventative pest control system is equipped to prevent actual or potential infestation and resulting contamination from rodents, flying & crawling insects, birds, and other pests.
  • Foreign Body/Dust Control – Provisions of double doors, air curtains and ventilation eliminate the risk of contamination.