Palmetto in india


FIBC bulk bags are flexible and durable containers designed to effectively handle an adaptable catalog of materials. From the shipping of pharmaceuticals and other goods, to flood defenses and the mining industry, FIBC bulk bags are the backbone of many industries across the globe.

Palmetto Industries is a proud member of the FIBCA and a select licensee of CROHMIQ fabric. CROHMIQ’s patented technology offers a level of safety commonly found with properly grounded Type C FIBC bulk bags, but without the worries or risk of human error.  Unlike other grounded FIBC bags, CROHMIQ’s properties are permanent and its static dissipative performance does not dissipate or degrade over time.

Palmetto Industries designs, and manufactures all our own FIBC bulk bags, meaning you don’t need to deal with middlemen. We’re the global experts on FIBC products. Contact us today at 706-737-7999 to learn what customers around the world have known for over 25 years – Palmetto is the go-to name in packaging.