Type C FIBC Bulk Bags

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MaterialGroundable Polypropylene Fabric
ConstructionU-Panel, Circular, 4 Panel, or Baffle
Safety FactorUp To 8:01
Safe Working LoadUp To 3,000lbs.
LinerUp to 7 Layer Coextruded Barrier Film
Product Length12” – 56”
Product Width12” – 56”
Product Height12” – 56”
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Type C bulk bags are made to prevent dangerous static discharges and sparks by grounding the bag itself during the filling and discharge process. This is made possible by a network of conductive tapes woven into the fabric. This is why Type C bags are used to safely transport flammable powders and can be used when flammable solvents or gases are present and the bag is properly grounded. Click here to view all of the various construction types.

Use the chart to help identify which type of FIBC is appropriate for your end use, depending on the sensitivity to ignition of the product and the surrounding atmosphere.

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