Washout Bags

Woven Polypropylene Construction

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Size 40″ x 40″ x 21″
Safe Working Load 2,600 lbs.
Cubic Capacity 25 Cu. Ft.
Bag Style Pyramid
Lift Loops 2” x 10” White Loops
Liner Tubed & Inserted
Build Open Top/Plain Bottom
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A must-have on sites working with concrete, paint, stucco, and any other wet, potentially hazardous materials: landscapers, contractors, pool & patio construction. Our washout bags allows for a clean and eaasy concrete washout. The Federal Government, in addition to state governments and local municipalities, requires that no foreign matter be allowed to reach the groundwater supply. As a result, specially designed containers must be used for the collection of these often-caustic products. and our bags will keep you compliant with local law. The bag features a sewn-in plastic liner and non-leak seams 2”x10” loop handles on each corner allow for the bag to be moved easily.


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