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Five Ways Bulk Bags Can Lower Your Shipping Costs

bulk bags


The advent of FIBC bulk bags has revolutionized the way consumer products and materials can be packaged and shipped. Able to safely carry hazardous, non-hazardous, and various flowable material, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are convenient, cost-effective, and remarkably efficient as vessels for storage and transportation of a wide variety of materials. Let’s take a brief look at five reasons why using bulk bags as part of your production process can bulk up your bottom line.

No Need For Secondary or Protective Packaging

On average, the use of secondary packaging items such as palettes, crates, and cages adds a substantial amount of weight and takes up vital space – two factors that will dramatically increase shipping cost and your overall operating expenses. FIBCs are revolutionary because unlike crates and drums, they do not require secondary packaging for safe and secure transport. Additionally, FIBCs are notably durable, eliminating the need for costly protective casing and saving you time and space involved for transportation, effectively increasing your ability to maintain a Just in Time (JIT) schedule.

Lightweight Fabric

With all the space freed up by using FIBCs in your operation, you’ll have more room for more product. FIBCs are extremely lightweight, which is good news when you consider that the heavier the packaging, the more you pay to ship that dead weight. Using FIBCs will ensure that you are shipping more product for less by cutting out any unnecessary dead weight expenditures.

Flexible Fabric

Not only are FIBCs lightweight, they are incredibly flexible, which means that they can carry higher quantities of material and product than rigid containers such as boxes, drums, and crates. With payloads ranging from 1000 to 5000 pounds, a bulk bag design has no inadequacies when it comes to shipping larger capacities.


Whether before or post transport, you always have to consider storage. Warehouse space can range in price, but rarely, if ever, is it cheap. Maximizing the efficiency of your storage space can thus help you save dramatically. FIBCs are easy to store. Unlike many other containers, unused bags can be folded compactly and stacked to save space, and while some boxes can be flattened, you can fit approximately six times the amount of folded FIBCs on a single pallet. A full bag is also easily storable as it can be stacked atop another. In this instance, when FIBCs need to be in close contact with one another, our Crohmiq static dissipative bags are highly recommended to ensure the highest degree of safety.


Regardless of your product, the plasticity and adaptability of the range of FIBCs are sure to have all your storage and shipping needs covered. Available in a large variety of fill capacities and discharge options – with custom-fit liners and different lifting arrangements – you can guarantee that your specific applications can be accommodated

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