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How to Enhance Intermodal Bulk Containers With Intermodal Bulk Container Liners

container liners


An intermediate bulk container (IBC) is an industrial-grade, pallet-mounted, reusable container. Sounds like a mouthful, right? But these containers are actually used by manufacturers worldwide to store and transport bulk powders, liquids, grains, chemicals, sand, and so on. 

But if you are transporting materials that need to be handled with extra care like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or certain food items, it is advised to use container liners inside your IBCs.


Why Intermodal Bulk Container Liners Are Important

Here are a few ways in which polypropylene container liners can improve the efficacy of your bulk containers or PP woven bags:

Better Protection

If you are in an industry that depends on strict, accurate cleanliness standards like with pharmaceuticals or food products, using liners in your bulk containers will add an extra layer of security. At Palmetto Industries, we can add custom liners to your bulk bags or containers, optimizing your transportation process. 

Container liners also eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and provide 100 percent protection against dust, dirt, bacteria, and pests. Think of these liners as the strongest industrial-grade seal available in the world. They also protect the goods during depositing and hauling.

Better Handling 

If you transport liquid, wet, or moist materials, and are worried about the leakage or soaking issues, liners can help with that as well. 

Liners will allow you to fill PP woven bags with any liquid you want (diesel, corn syrup, milk, etc.) with great ease. Loading, unloading, and pouring the materials into the bags becomes effortless with high-quality custom liners. 

Better Standards

Our container liners at Palmetto Industries are designed to meet specific standards, ensuring your products stay safe and undamaged regardless of where you are moving them. These liners are made using first-rate materials, including polypropylene, polyethylene, and other virgin resins.

Whether you need to ship bulk chemicals, cement, powdered or liquid food items, these easy-to-install liners ensure safe transportation. If you are looking to reduce the waste, cargo spillage, and container-cleaning costs, consider giving a try to our customized liners.


How to use Container Liners in FIBCs?

These liners are secured inside the bulk bags/containers using ties or webbing. Depending on your purpose, we can customize the loading and discharge of these containers, too. Using liners can be a great labor-minimizing and cost-effective solution that allows you to save significant amounts of money.

We can customize designs and provide any size liner your industry needs. Many companies across different sectors use container liners as part of their standard transportation systems. 

If you have any questions about the ability of our liners, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our skilled engineers will analyze your packaging and transportation needs, and create intermodal bulk container liners that meet your goals efficiently. 

Don’t waste your time dealing with middlemen. At Palmetto Industries, we manufacture and distribute FIBC’s directly, saving you time and money. If you have any questions, call us today at 706-737-7999 or contact us online.