The Top 8 Things You Can Place in FIBC Bulk Bags



The world of shipping and transporting goods would be a different place without FIBC bulk bags. Today, almost every industry across the world uses these reliable bags to store and carry a variety of products with ease.

Whether you work in the food industry or pharmaceuticals, you need a sturdy packaging system that keeps your products safe and contamination-free. After all, getting your goods to the customers in an unharmed condition is part of the job! 

This is where FIBC bags or PP woven bags come in. Manufacturers across the globe have been using FIBCs since the 1940s to transport bulk items effortlessly. If you aren’t sure whether FIBC bags are ideal for your purposes, read on to learn about the various products you can use these bags for:

Food Products 

Think of any food product – pet foods, dry fruits, fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, or anything else – and FIBC bags can carry it all. Whether the products are powdered or granular, wet or dry, you can pack them in FIBCs and easily ship them in bulk.

The virgin resin material of the FIBCs also keeps the foods fresh and contamination-free for months.

Fine Powders 

Want to ship salt, sugar, flour, cement, or sand? FIBC bags with sift-proof seams and appropriate liners can handle the job perfectly. Talk to a Palmetto Industries representative, and they will help you find the best liners and protective covers so the finely-powdered items can be transported without any waste.

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals 

Medications and drugs need to be held to the highest hygiene and safety standards when being packaged and transported. FIBC bulk bags, customized with special liners, can help you carry any pharmaceutical product without the risk of contamination.


If you need to transport liquid or powdered chemicals in bulk, look no further than FIBC bags. You can empty these bags with little to no air contamination. These durable bags not only guarantee safe transportation for your chemicals, but they will also save you considerable storage space as they are collapsible.

Agricultural Products 

Animal feeds, field crops, fertilizers, and many other agricultural items can be securely packed in bulk bags and transported across towns or countries. Depending on exactly what you are planning to ship, you may need to insert bag liners in some cases. 

Construction Materials 

If you work in the building or construction industry, you frequently need to transport cement, gravel, soil, and equipment. In order to keep these goods safe from the weather elements, you need something that is sturdy, waterproof, and doesn’t lose its shape – everything that an FIBC bag offers, and more. 

Petroleum Products 

Petroleum products need to be handled with extra care because they are often flammable and have a higher risk of developing static energy. Type C and D FIBC bags can help you transport these hazardous products without risking fire-related accidents or explosions. 

Plastic Products 

Plastic products can be made from a wide range of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials. These goods can be everyday consumer items, like shampoo bottles, or high-end kitchen countertops worth tens of thousands.

These items need to be packaged and transported in a way that they remain undamaged, or the manufacturer can end up losing a lot of money. This is exactly what FIBC bags are for! They guarantee the safety and in a way no other packing container can.

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