fibc jumbo bags

UN Certified Bag Certification Requirements And Process

fibc jumbo bags


As the name suggests, the UN certified FIBC bulk bags are created specifically to pass UN standards for storing and transporting hazardous goods. 

Under the UN certification guidelines, each bag undergoes thorough testing to ensure it can protect users against corrosion, chemical burns, toxic contamination, explosion/fire, and environmental damage. These special bags feature the UN logo with a code that indicates specific information regarding the contents of the bag. 

However, not all high-quality FIBCs are UN-certified. If you’re specifically looking for bulk bags that have this certification, it is important to let your FIBC manufacturer know about it.

How are UN-certified FIBC Jumbo Bags Different?

If you work with hazardous materials and you need top-rated, durable, and reliable FIBC bags, then consider using UN-certified FIBCs. Since these bags have undergone rigorous testing regimes, you can be sure of their quality.

Also, these bags are created with every potential safety issue in mind, so your workers and customers will never have to worry about any accidents or hazards. At Palmetto Industries, we manufacture the UN-certified bags with high-quality polypropylene fabric that’s resistant to water, fire, explosion, and chemicals of every kind.

In other words, UN-certified FIBC bulk bags are your best bet against contamination, leaks, and spills. 

If you need to transport finely powdered products or chemicals/pharmaceuticals, and simply cannot risk anything, choose UN-certified FIBCs.

Palmetto Industries is a Leading UN-Certified FIBCs Manufacturer

We make FIBC jumbo bags that can safely store and carry hazardous goods for packaging groups II and III. Our FIBC bags are created using the strongest virgin polypropylene fabric which prevents the bag contents from getting contaminated or damaged. 

No matter what you’re working with – sugar, salt, refined flour, or dangerous chemicals – our FIBC bags can handle it all. The product engineers at Palmetto Industries make sure every UN-certified FIBC meets the proper standards before shipping.

This includes stacking, dropping, tearing, and toppling every single bag to check its quality. Our bags are also designed to handle maximum flexibility and capacity so you get the most bang for your buck. 

Range and Customization

And the best part, we can customize these UN-certified bulk bags to suit your needs. We have a very effective bag diagnostics program that can help you determine the best FIBCs for your purposes. Our product engineers can design and create a bag that meets your exact needs.

From small to jumbo-sized bags, Palmetto Industries can provide you a wide range of sizes for your bags, without compromising the UN-certified standards of quality. 

In addition to UN-certifications, our bulk bags are also certified by leading organizations such as ISO, HACCP, AIB, and FSSC 22000. If you have any questions about storing and/or transporting certain dangerous or delicate items, give us a call and our representative will help you choose the right FIBC bag for your needs.

Our worldwide network of distribution centers means you don’t have to worry about whether your FIBCs will arrive on time. To learn more, call us today at (706) 737-7999 or contact us online.