benefits of crohmiq static dissipative fabric

The Benefits of Crohmiq Static Dissipative Fabric

benefits of crohmiq static dissipative fabric


During production, material handling, and transportation of electronic devices and electrically-charged granulated bulk, a static charge can create a voltage pulse of several thousand volts. This destructive power can occur between human touch and IC circuits or between powdered products and the bag’s surface, making it necessary to install ESD (electrostatic discharge) countermeasures to reduce both product losses and sales profits.

Crohmiq is a static dissipative fabric that is used to manufacture Type D FIBCs and is specifically engineered to safely mitigate electrostatic discharge through the fibers of the fabric – protecting sensitive components and granulated products during storage and transportation.

The resulting impact of static dissipative materials on the transportation of raw materials and consumer products has been a drastic reduction in component failures, along with fire and explosion hazards due to static electricity that occurs whenever packaging materials come into contact, are rubbed together, then separated.

A Controlled Static Dissipative Fabric

Crohmiq static fabric is tested according to ISO/IEC 61340-4-4 under a wide variety of test conditions to dissipate static in a controlled manner. The company’s focus was not solely on how to dissipate static. This fabric works to dissipate ESD safely and in a timed manner, eliminating the need for a ground connection and preventing the ignition of flammable vapors, solvents, or powders during the process.

Type D FIBCs will decrease the risks to worker’s safety and product shipments due to ESD as products pass from plant floor equipment and through environments that may contain combustible dust, flammable liquids, or gasses.

Static Fabrics that Eliminate Grounding

Without Crohmiq static protective FIBCs, powder processing operations would require a method for grounding the flexible bags to dissipate static build-up between the bags surface and the movement of the powder – which can reach vast quantities that can cause an explosion in hazardous locations.

A static dissipative fabric like Crohmiq provides a path of discharge through the material that remains intact over the life of the FIBC, eliminating the potential energy discharged from the bag in the form of a spark.

CROHMIQ static dissipative fabric contains no metal filaments. The specially designed yarns are polypropylene woven together with a small amount of carbon.

Increased Safety in Hazardous Locations

When granulated products are stored and transported in the presence of hazardous materials, static dissipative materials can protect against and prevent incendiary sparks by releasing a low-energy discharge into the atmosphere. Type D bags manufactured with static dissipative materials are proven safe for transporting flammable powders, even when flammable vapors or gases are present such as during fuel refilling.

Safety during storage and transport is increased by keeping contaminates or conductive coatings off Type D bag surfaces. These include diesel fuel, grease, kerosene, and oil-based paints.

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