hazardous materials

Can FIBCs Handle Hazardous Materials?

hazardous materials


Hazardous materials management can be expensive. The cleanup process, detecting contamination, and following up after healthcare mishaps can hurt your bottom line and harm a lot of your employees, colleagues, and friends in the industry.

Liners are an affordable and flexible way to make contamination from hazmat a much smaller problem. Due diligence is still necessary, but a few details will show how our liner products work for a safer and more affordable endgame.


What Safety and Handling Standard Do You Require?

Any storage solution needs to cover the basics. FIBC safe handling guidelines will give you a general list of hazardous materials that can be carried. Be sure to discuss your needs with one of our representatives if your materials aren’t on the list. Meeting regulations and safety standards are more than important. If a business partner or government regulation requires safe specifications, give us a copy of the standards for review. Palmetto Industries already follows several safety standards, and has a selection of UN certified bulk bags.

Certifications covered by Palmetto Industries include ISO 9001:2000: Quality Management System, BRC Certification, and HACCP Certification. HACCP is the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certification that can help buyers who aren’t sure about the risks associated with their materials.

It’s a simple matter of making sure that Palmetto testing standards and the standards you need to follow are in alignment. If not, testing can be submitted and reviewed to create a custom fit that serves your hazardous material storage needs.


Liners Can Augment What You Have

Do you already have large containers that work perfectly for your system? Do you have an industrial process or an assembly line that can produce what you need perfectly, but can’t handle hazardous materials?

You can solve the storage issue fairly easily. Whether you’re using a hopper, a metal tank for liquids, or a shipping container, you can use liners from Palmetto Industries to help your process become safer.

Liners from Palmetto Industries are often used for bulk raw materials and chemicals. They’re made with a virgin polyethylene film or woven polyolefin, which protects your products from the container and your container from the products.

What if you need to load dry hazardous material in a cargo truck? The leftover residue could affect future loads, and can harm workers who handle the truck later without proper protective equipment (PPE). Using liners will make sanitization easier, since at most you’ll need to worry about accidental spillage in the loading and unloading process.

If you need a hopper or a draining bag, use a bulk bag FIBC with liners from to create a flexible, form-fitting container that can be squeezed, drained, and transported easily with cranes, hooks, or trucks.

Risk becomes more expensive, while safety precautions become more affordable every day. Industries shouldn’t be held ransom by stakeholders and regulators at the same time, and Palmetto Industries can help you make both groups happier with smaller investments.


Choose Palmetto Industries As Your Fibc Safety Professional

Contact an FIBC safety professional to learn more about making all parts of your storage, transport, loading, unloading, and general industrial needs easier. We’re one of the leading global bulk bag manufacturers. Come see what customers around the world have known for over 25 years – Palmetto is the go-to name in packaging. Call us today to get started at 706-737-7999.