fibcs and flood control

FIBCs and Flood Control: Revolutionizing How We Protect Our Communities

fibcs and flood control

Hurricane season is devastating and expensive. High winds, flying projectiles, flooding, and landslides are just a few of the massive effects that harm lives and livelihoods every year. Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) enhance the way the world defends against storm damage. When dealing with flooding, our versatile bags can mean the difference between a damp few days away from work or a waterlogged, moldy, flash flood-destroyed community. Here are a few ways that FIBCs and proper flood control can make or break the households, businesses, factories, and public services that support our communities.

Hurricane Season And Rapid Response

Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael were two big storms that shaped weather discussions in 2018. They hit hard and flooded east coast cities even harder. Even though the storms affected areas that were no strangers to hurricanes—unlike the surprising devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 – there are still dangers and lessons to learn. Even with practice, preparing a changing landscape and population for an incoming, but very unpredictable storm is a challenge.

Hurricane preparation is a year-round effort. City planning, conservation efforts, site surveys, zoning laws, business designs, and so many other planning points rely on big systems such as dams and small solutions such as sandbags to make big differences.

As the storm approaches, it is too late to dig overflow lakes or channels across cities. When the dangerous winds subside while the water continues to rise, everyone involved in emergency management will have their eyes on their sand bag supply.

This is where bulk bags come in. One of the many great uses of bulk bags is holding fine grain material, and FIBCs can act as scalable sandbags. Whether you need small bags for easier hand-carrying or massive FIBC flood bags to create strong, but temporary barriers, you have a lot of dry and wet storage options for your flooding defenses.

FIBCs Can Make Or Break a Disaster Response

Minute corrections to flood control happen by the hour. Shored up walls and previously sandbagged barriers can become overwhelmed, or a new flood path could open up in an unplanned area.

Emergency professionals and volunteers need more than random bags of sand. They need a durable, versatile option that fits with their equipment and can be managed easily.

It’s not as simple as shoveling sand in a bag. Fast sandbag filling and delivery relies on automation during high-pressure, high-risk situations where finesse isn’t the highest priority. FIBCs are durable enough for an apprentice who can’t fit a sandbag near the filler’s opening fast enough, but complex enough to give veterans some advanced filling and stacking options.

The FIBC industry is already flexible enough to work with several industries that have unique filling, loading, and unloading equipment. Sandbags are designed to withstand water and heavy weight without breaking, but they can be designed with custom features such as unique markers or easy carry handles.

Emblems, markers, and colors make it easier for emergency responders to know where critical breakpoints are during floods. As sandbag walls become longer and wider, people who are not part of high-level planning should not have to constantly check maps or call in to figure out where the most dangerous or critical points are, and they are not all as simple as flooded riverbanks or debris.

Carrying and placing sandbags can be difficult, and there are several wrong ways to stack a bag. Adding handled and placement instructions can help volunteers maneuver and adjust their bag placement, assuring that a proper fit gives their makeshift dam the best chance at keeping flood waters at bay.

Durability and customization are at the top of your priorities when it comes to flood control. If you need help finding the right sandbag solution or have an idea that you’d like to manufacture, contact one of our FIBC consultants.

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