future of fibc bags

The Future of FIBC Bags, Transportation, and Logistics

future of fibc bags


Whether humanity is ready for it or not, automation is going to change one of the biggest and oldest backbones of economy: the warehouse worker. Automated loading and unloading still have a long way to go, but that’s no reason to ignore the future.

Standardized containers will always be easiest, so using flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) as a mainstay of shipping is vital. Most autonomous systems use a combination of visual shape/profile scanning or special codes to do their job, and an FIBC bag manufacturer can make things easier for the bots of the future.

Color and scan codes are a great way to clue in an automated system. Both standard FIBCs and Palm Paks from Palmetto Industries can be colored to tell an automated loader where to grab, how to lift, and whatever else is required.

If in doubt, load the handling data onto a barcode or QR code. Scan codes can pack massive amounts of information, depending on the version, with QR codes able to display the entire sentence, product descriptions, product specifications, or a link/URL to the biggest sets of information.

Palmetto Industries can customize Palm Paks with branding and special designs. QR codes with special instructions for the future of computing and automated warehouse operations are as easy as using a printer, so you don’t need to do much to be ready for change.

Transportation During Inclement Weather

Whether it’s hurricanes or tsunamis, ever-changing weather patterns cause businesses to react to the way they operate during storm season. Your transportation solutions need to be as adaptable and dynamic as the weather that affects their well-being.

 FIBCs can help you plan around changing weather plans by giving you heavy, flexible, and most importantly, draggable and non-skid options for transport. The last two options (draggable and non-skid) may seem contradictory, but emergency workers being able to drag your bags to the right place while not worrying about bags sliding in a sea storm on a ship are two great capabilities that just need a bit of extra planning.

Shipping containers are much heavier. While they’re harder to move, hurricanes and floods will move houses and destroy forests. The destructive power is beyond what people can make, so you might as well research options that can make recovery easier. With FIBCs, secure recovery becomes a step closer no matter the climate future.

Transportation bulk bags can also be used in conjunction with existing transportation materials. You can put the bags in shipping containers and remove them for easy loading and internal use, or easily elevate FIBCs above flood waters if you have hooks or harnesses in your warehouse. Bulk bag handling for transportation and storage is flexible enough to fit any warehouse or trucking model.

You can even enhance transportation safety during bad weather. Do your drivers or other facilities need sandbags? Palmetto Industries sells sandbags that are already used and proven in emergency situations, so toss a few sandbag orders in with your current bulk bag order.

Choose Palmetto for Dynamic and Adaptable Transport Solutions

No matter the circumstance, your transportation solutions need to be as dynamic and adaptable as you are. Palmetto Industries has you covered.

New ideas, transportation guidelines, and safety considerations for standard and custom bags are just a few clicks or a call away. Contact a Palmetto Industries product specialist to look through other transportation options for your bulk bags and see firsthand why we’re the industry leaders in dynamic storage options. To learn more, call us at (706) 737-7999 or complete our online contact form.