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The Multi-Tool of Bulk Bags: Why FIBCs Are a Superior Option

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Ever since their invention in the 1950s, FIBC bags have helped millions of manufacturers and suppliers transport all types of products safely. These Flexible Immediate Bulk Containers ensure that your products stay safe regardless of the possible hiccups they might encounter during their journey. 

If you are planning to move bulk items like finely-powdered chemicals or food items, FIBC bulk bags can help you in several ways:


Transporting Powdered Products

FIBCs or PP woven bags made with sift-proof seams work incredibly well for a variety of fine powder products. Alternatively, a polyethylene liner can be used if the sift proofing seems insufficient to hold the powders. These liners can be bought separately and inserted into the bulk bags manually.


Transporting Medicines and Other Pharmaceutical Items 

Drugs and medicines need to be held to stringent hygiene and environmental standards during each stage of packaging and transportation. That’s where FIBCs come in. You can use customized (lined) bulk bags to transport pharmaceutical products in bulk.


Transporting Food Items 

Most food product manufacturers around the world use FIBC bags to transport granular, powdered, and dryable food items. At Palmetto Industries, we can customize your bulk bags with special liners to keep the foods fresh and contamination-free.


Transportation of Agricultural Products

FIBCs work great when transporting animal feeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural products in bulk. Depending on transportation standards and the nature of the products, you may need to use big bag liners, but they are not essential. Due to their strong construction, FIBC bulk bags maintain their shape during transportation as well.


Transporting Chemicals

FIBC bags with efficient liners and sift-proof seams can be used to carry granular or powdered chemicals in bulk. These bulk bags not only save storage space, but they can also be emptied with a minimum of air contamination. And since they are made of sturdy, durable industrial materials, they ensure optimal safety of chemicals during transportation.


Transporting Paper and Wood

Did you think FIBCs could only transport fine powders? Wood pellets, chopped wood products, paper, and other wood-related materials can also be safely packed in FIBCs for transportation.


Transporting Powdered Metals and Minerals 

If you are in the metals or minerals industry, you know how challenging it can be to move them efficiently. However, FIBCs can easily handle these items and, in fact, are known to transport black carbon and titanium dioxide. You will have to make sure that the bulk bags you buy are specifically designed to carry powdered metals and minerals.

If you presently use rigid containers, such as Gaylord boxes, for packaging, you are missing out on a major opportunity. Using square containers and boxes is not only an outdated choice but it may also be impractical, depending on the nature of your business. 

Consider using FIBC bags instead. They are versatile and flexible and can hold just about anything. From pharmaceuticals to grains, FIBCs can carry a large variety of items and save you considerable storage money in the process.

If you work in the construction, fishing, manufacturing, agriculture, engineering, chemical, mining, or any other industry, these heavy-duty bulk bags can make the logistics much easier. 


Palmetto Industries Can Help With Your Packaging and Storage Needs

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