What is an FIBC and What Do They Do?


Businesses around the world have no shortage of containment and shipping options, and it’s increasingly more difficult to vet every option. The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Association or FIBCA is an alliance dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards, diverse products, and innovative applications for FIBCs.

With opportunity and risk seemingly around every corner, you need an ally that delivers not just one option, but multiple options to meet your logistics needs. At Palmetto Industries, we are one of the world’s leaders in FIBC manufacturing a distribution. But what is an FIBC and what do they do?


What Are FIBCs?

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) – also known as FIBC bulk bags – are flexible, durable containers designed to handle an adaptable catalog of materials.

From fine grains, chemical, and minerals to pharmaceutical components and concentrated liquids, FIBCs answer the call for industries that need more than bulky boxes and tanker vehicles that may not suit precision or small load needs.

The bags allow easier, more moldable storage and convenient loading and unloading without having to engineer a new solution with every single vendor.


Filling and Dispensing Benefits

Although many materials benefit from FIBCs, concentrated liquids show just how versatile and convenience the bags can be.

Industries that need to load, transport, and unload liquids have mixed relationships with tanker trucks. When loading in a tanker truck, some of your product will be left behind in the form of wall residue.

Getting as much of your product from tanker vehicles often means using dispersants or water, then separating the now diluted product.

With FIBCs, you have greater control over getting more of your product back after shipping. With specialized outer bag material and purpose-designed liners for your specific product, you can work with multiple bag sizes to load and then properly drain the containers.


Loading, Unloading, and Shipping

Using square, rigid storage such as metal containers leads to a lot of packaging waste and contamination risk. Not all products can be safely carried in box containers, and require additional storage products for safe transport.

In many cases, two or three storage containers, liners, or bladders are used to box in a single product for safe transport. By using standardized, tested, and certified FIBCs, you can cut out multiple layers of the storage and shipping process.

Many materials can travel in FIBCs using your existing equipment. Multiple heavy, dry materials can fill FIBCs for flatbed truck delivery with standard secure load techniques, and any truck that carries crates can carry more product in FIBCs.

Since materials can fill into the FIBCs flexible form, you can load more product in the same amount of space instead of wasting storage area with empty crate corners.


Quality Control With FIBCA

Your materials need to be stored, transported, and unloaded as safely as possible. Not all container types are built the same, and you need the right tools and experience to know what works best for your product.

The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Association oversees quality standards and membership performance for FIBC manufacturers. Rather than purchasing any bag or loss container product, it’s safer and more efficient to choose a product that fits a diverse and well-maintained standard.

FIBCA members cover a vast area of industry experience. Specialization and versatility go hand in hand as specific FIBCA members, their clients, and the FIBCA discuss the best way to handle certain materials.

It goes beyond filling the product into a bag that fits. From materials that need scientifically-proven sterility and security to caustic materials that need reliable resistance, the FIBCA members have shared research and development to depend on.


Palmetto Industries is Your Worry-Free FIBC Manufacturer and Distributor

Palmetto Industries is a proud FIBCA member and a select licensee of Crohmiq fabric tested in accordance with IEC Standard 61340-4-4 2005. With over 500,000 square feet of global warehouse space, we offer reduced lead times and expedited distribution. Don’t waste your time dealing with middlemen. At Palmetto Industries we manufacture and distribute FIBC’s, saving you time – and money. Come see what customers around the world have known for over 25 years – Palmetto is the go-to name in packaging. Call us today at 706-737-7999.